Trespass have always been passionate about creating a brand where adventure comes first. They believe no matter where you reside in the world or what age you are, you should always be able to embrace the great outdoors.

They were established in 1938 under the name Jacobs & Turner Ltd situated in the heart of Glasgow Scotland. In the beginning, there were just 12 machinists working profusely in a 1200sqft warehouse where they provided uniforms and other items of clothing to large organisations including the local police. As their success grew, they started to manufacture anoraks and waterproof jackets that shaped the future of their business.

With in-house designers and product experts, the team are highly talented creative individuals who explore the possibilities and constantly push the boundaries of innovation. They have also developed their own technology and technical materials including Tres-Tex, Tres-Shield and Tres-Tex 3 layer fabric. Today, Trespass is one of the UK’s most successful outdoor clothing retailers providing a wide range of products from walking boots to outdoor furniture, selling internationally and exporting to over 60 countries.