For a quarter of a century, they have shared the joy of Jellycat toys with people of all ages, across the globe. Over this time, their unmistakeable characters have gained the affection of millions – and centre stage in many of the most prestigious stores across 77 countries. Jellycat have also become a major trendsetter on social media, featured in billions of hashtags. Today, they stand among the most loved and respected soft toy companies in the world. What makes Jellycat different? Playfulness and luxurious quality. Their designers play until something magical and unexpected happens – and a new character is born! They source beautiful materials that are noticeably softer, subtler and long-lasting. Jellycat Studios, their HQ, is based in central London and from there they spread joy through toys, accessories, books, music, films and social media.

Their mission is to put a smile on your face.